Energy efficiency consulting

Save individually

Optimize the energy efficiency of your project with our comprehensive consulting service. Our BAFA-listed experts carry out a thorough analysis to determine your personal savings potential. From insulation and heating systems to modern smart home solutions - we will show you which measures make sense for your residential units.

Our energy efficiency experts at your premises.

After the analysis, we will provide you with a detailed refurbishment roadmap that is not only tailored to your individual needs, but also takes state subsidies into account. In this way, we want to ensure that you can not only renovate energy-efficiently, but also cost-effectively.

Energy efficiency services

Why DGF?


If necessary, we evaluate your residential units on site.


Receive professional energy advice from permanently employed and certified energy efficiency experts.


With our expertise in the subsidy landscape, we can show you all the options for cost-efficient and energy-saving budgeting.

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